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Decorating tips that will make your living room to stand out.

Decorating tips that will make your living room to stand out.

There are best decorating tips that won’t cost you a fortune to make your living room stand out and look spacious. With more people living in tiny apartments and single rooms, experts have come up with ways of how you can make it look larger and spacious.

  1. Match your curtains to your wall.

Everything looks streamlined and on point. It is significant to match everything to color as much as possible so as to stand out.

  1. Choose furniture with legs.

Use furniture that does not graze the floor. For example, coffee tables should be excellent and allow you to see underneath. You will be able to see how spacious your room is.

  1. Give your walls ‘breathing room.’

The same way you put everything on furniture underneath the floor, also keeps them against the wall. It’s a way to make your guests feel comfortable and not make the room look so crowded.

  1. Curate your bookshelves.

Select favorite books to display at your bookshelf, or you can select the books that you are currently reading to showcase. Avoid overcrowding the shelf with many books that are not necessary.

  1. Have a focal point.

A focal point is a place where concentration is put on. It can be a piece of art, photo or an illustration mounted on a wall.

  1. Mount your TV.

You can mount it on a stand or the wall. Whichever method works. But if it’s on a stand, make sure it leaves some space underneath the table.

  1. Do not block the door.

Do not block the space towards the door. Make it easy to moves towards and from the door.

  1. Experiment with the layout

Try arranging and rearranging the furniture. Until you find the best combination

  1. Keep all cords contained.

Make sure all cords from laptops, phones and TV wires are kept tucked away and aren’t visible in a room. They may be small, but they can make a room look instantly smaller and more cluttered when they’re all muddled together.

  1. Design for impact

Make sure that you are not choosing accessories that are not too small for your room.

  1. Make it monochrome.

Make sure you have one to two key colors and choose various tones and shades of that same color to use throughout. This will make them blend well, it will give your room a calm look.

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